The Help You Need After An Accident

Cars and trucks today are better engineered with more safety features, but the road can still be a dangerous place. Whether you are hit by a semi-truck or sideswiped by a distracted driver who wanders into your lane, the ramifications can be expensive and can change your life forever.

The expense involved in a car accident often goes beyond the costs and time it may take to fix your vehicle or find a suitable replacement. Depending on the injuries to the driver and passengers, the compensation for a severe accident can be quite substantial.

If you are in a vehicle accident, the personal injury attorneys at Johnson Flodman Guenzel & Wasserburger LLP will aggressively pursue damages from the driver and his or her insurance company. You should not have to pay physically or financially for the carelessness of others, but unfortunately your insurance does not always cover the full extent of injuries or damages.

Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Vehicle accidents are often a matter of damage to the vehicle, but sometimes injuries to drivers and passengers can be substantial. Common injuries due to crashes include the following:

  • Head trauma: Seat belts and air bags are a great help, but unfortunately they do not prevent all head injuries.
  • Broken bones: These are painful and take time to heal.
  • Trauma: A car crash can sometimes be psychologically distressing to the victim.
  • Whiplash: The violence of a crash can twist, jar and/or seriously damage your neck and back.

Your Recovery Starts With A Phone Call

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all motor vehicle accidents. Your first call after an accident should be for medical assistance, but the second call should be to the knowledgeable personal injury lawyers at Johnson Flodman Guenzel & Wasserburger LLP.

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