The Advantages Of Mediation

Mediation is an effective and common alternative to litigation. Judges, lawyers, and couples are increasingly using it because it is efficient, less expensive and less stressful for clients. Because the intent is to find a middle ground, an amicable approach can promote a sense of cooperation for all parties involved.

This form of alternative dispute resolution is commonly used for family law and modifications of previous agreements. Our firm features the accredited mediation skills of Steven J. Flodman, Stefanie S. Flodman and Corey Wasserburger, who are all attorneys trained and approved as Parenting Act Mediators by the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution.

What Is Mediation?

A trained mediator is often a neutral third-party who works with the parties and their lawyers to find common ground. The mediator’s role is to facilitate communication between the parties in a manner that is constructive and comfortable.

Mediation is typically a nonbinding process that can be utilized by parties trying to resolve legal issues at the negotiation table. It may even be used in combination with litigation to work out as many differences as possible before going to court.

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