A Pathway To A New Start

Divorce can cause a substantial amount of turmoil and stress for a family. At Johnson Flodman Guenzel & Widger LLP , we understand this and have the experience, knowledge, and commitment to guide you through this life-changing process.

Some time in court is part of the traditional approach to divorce, but we believe that mediation is also an option because it puts less stress on the family. Mediation can also save money at a time when income is needed to cover the costs of finding and running an additional home in Lincoln. In Nebraska, many divorce cases are resolved through mediation or another alternative dispute resolution process without going to a full trial.

Sometimes, however, mediation is not your best option. If we do go to court, our attorneys will meticulously work to protect your rights and interests. In court or through mediation, our divorce lawyers prepare for every scenario. We will guide you with knowledge gained through years of experience.

What You Need To Consider

While each divorce is unique, there are some important general issues that you may need to consider, such as:

  • Child custody: We will fight to protect your parental rights. A custody arrangement states who the custodial parent is and also establishes visitation rights for the average week, as well as holidays and trips.
  • Property division: The equitable distribution of marital assets is not the same as sharing everything equally. Marital assets are often made up of property purchased or shared during the marriage, as well as any outstanding debt or other financial matters accrued during the marriage. If there is inherited property, it may not be subject to division.
  • Child support: Nebraska has guidelines for setting child support requirements, and although they may seem simple, that is not always the case. We can guide you through the calculations and the best way to navigate the guidelines.
  • Spousal support: Many factors need to be considered in determining whether alimony or spousal support will be ordered. Experience of the lawyer is vital in analyzing the factors to be considered. We can provide that experience to achieve the best results for your factual situation.

Ask Us How We Can Help During This Difficult Time

The state has specific rules involving residency, grounds, and a waiting period. Let us guide you through this complicated process with our extensive experience.

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